Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby #2 on the Way!

That's right, I'm pregnant again! I am about 8 weeks along, and I had my first ultrasound today. I got to see the little peanut (about 1 inch long) and see the heartbeat. It was so exciting, and it's such a relief to know the baby is growing well so far! I've been feeling more morning sickness this time around, so my fingers are crossed for a girl!

If you need help figuring this out, the head is on the right, you can almost see little arm buds coming off the sides, and it has a little tail!

In other news, Chase is almost 17 months old now, and he has an extensive vocabulary. Some of the things he says just crack us up!

Cheerios = oh-ee-oh-ee-ohs
Show = yo
Kitty = ditty
What a Kitty (or any animal says) = moo

He loves to rough-house with daddy on the floor every night before bedtime. But, most of the day, he's seen grabbing at my ankles, begging to be held. He loves to help me cook and stir whatever is in hot pots boiling, which does pose a problem sometimes! Some days are a lot of fun, but definitely exhausting. It's usually more stressful to be home than at work! I love my job, and it's a great balance to be out of the house part-time. I hope to keep making that work when the second one arrives.

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